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Self-Discovery as an Aromantic Writer

Claudie Arseneault/ February 24, 2018/ Personal/ 0 comments

Every queer person has a different path to discovering or understanding their IDs, and many of these are shaped by who we are as a person. It’s not a surprise, then, how much writing has played a part into my identifying as aromantic. It started with Claude, and it wasn’t conscious. As I’ve said yesterday, there was a fair amount

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Claudie VS The Aromantic Spectrum, or How I Struggle With Specific Labels

Claudie Arseneault/ February 20, 2018/ Personal, Uncategorized/ 0 comments

“Sometimes I think I want to be with someone, but it never lasts. It’s… like a flicker—a few days of intense pining for romance, and then it’s gone. Does that ever happen to you?” So… the above is a small excerpt from Baker Thief. It’s also the closest thing I’ve written to my aromanticism. It’s still not exactly mine, but…

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#KrakenSales2018 Interview with Austin Chant!

Claudie Arseneault/ January 27, 2018/ Books, Community/ 0 comments

My small indie collective of amazing queer SFF writers has put together an awesome Sales/Party to celebrate its first anniversary! From January 26th to February 1st, 19 indie authors have put their awesome stories with queer heroes on sale. And what’s more, we put together a personality quiz to let you see which of our queer heroes you are! You

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A Week in Asexual Characters – Céline

Claudie Arseneault/ October 28, 2017/ Characters, Writing/ 0 comments

tw sexual coercion, sexual assault, discussion of corrective rape in this post. Today’s character is in a tiny piece of writing I did, which appeared in Circuits & Slippers, an anthology of sci-fi fairy tales retellings. I’m not big on fairy tales, so I cheated and retold a legend from Québec in which the MC is a magnetic skater who travels away

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A Week in Asexual Characters – The Spinster (Denise Jalbert)

Claudie Arseneault/ October 27, 2017/ Baker Thief, Characters, Projects, Writing/ 0 comments

Today’s post is a little different from the others, in that I am reposting something I wrote for the Patreon tied to reclaiming tropes. It is framed as talking about aromanticism, since the Spinster is a Baker Thief character, a novel with an aro lead, but this old crone stereotype is very much an ace thing too, and Denise Jalbert

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A Week in Asexual Characters – Brune

Claudie Arseneault/ October 26, 2017/ Characters, City of Spires, Projects, Writing/ 0 comments

So by now I have written characters that feel naturally ace, characters that counter ace-related tropes, and a lot of smaller incidental ace characters that are fun and remind me I exist everywhere. But. What I have yet to do is properly reclaim some of the nastiest tropes. Or, well, it would be more accurate to say I have not

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A Week in Asexual Characters – Cal

Claudie Arseneault/ October 24, 2017/ Characters, City of Spires, Community, Writing/ 0 comments

Unlike Henry and Nevian, Cal is a character I decided to make aroace. Isandor has existed for a long time, and there were multiple instances of me stopping, looking at my cast, and considering how I could make it more diverse. What could I change? What would it affect and how would it ripple out? How did it modify backstory,

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