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~ Maniel and Andeal, Kissing on a Mountain ~

Claudie Arseneault/ December 14, 2015/ Characters, Community, Excerpts, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 0 comments

When I landed an interview for my job, I promised myself I’d commission more art from Laya if I had the position. And I did! (It’s going great, by the way. The place and the people are lovely, though I do come home exhausted). Laya, who did the Halfies Trio art, has provided me with another gem: Andeal and Maniel being

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Plans for 2016

Claudie Arseneault/ December 12, 2015/ City of Spires, Community, Personal, Projects, Varia/ 0 comments

So we’ve talked a lot about how 2015 went writing-wise, and some lessons I learned from it. But as always, I like to plan ahead, especially when writing is concerned. 2016 is no exception. It’s hard to know how much time I can put on everything with the new job, but here are my goals. Isandor (City of Spires) From January

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Isandor3 and Writer Fatigue

Claudie Arseneault/ December 9, 2015/ Uncategorized/ 0 comments

Writers are not endless creative wells. And I think it can be hard for some of us to hear or discover that. Sometimes when you write and write and write, then edit and edit and edit … the well just run dries. It becomes harder to gather the motivation to put words on the pages, and even when you do

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