Interview with Tobias Wade

Claudie Arseneault/ August 31, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

We’re back with another interview! Tobias’ story is the first submission we received for the anthology, and much of a solarpunk genesis, which we found super interesting! So here he is today to tell us more!


1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from?

I love the concept of an idea being greater than the one who conceives it. I believe that there are axiomatic truths about the universe that any individual can discover, and the process of their discovery causes a unification between the thinker and the world he lives in. This story was based on that thought, as my Dragon embodied an idea which existed independently from its creator.

2. Had you heard of solarpunk before this call for submission? What do you like about the genre?

I never knew solarpunk existed before writing my story, but I quickly fell in love with the genre. To me, Dragons represent a primordial power, and when combined with a futuristic society, they allow us to recognize eternal characteristics of humanity that are unrelated to our culture and technology. I have also become disillusioned with many futuristic stories that depict a dystopian and fatalistic path for mankind, and solarpunk provides a method to show how we can overcome the base attributes of our nature and prosper.

3. What genre do you usually write in? Talk about your projects
I am primarily a fantasy and young adult writer. I love using surreal worlds to embody abstract philisophical concepts that would otherwise be difficult to appreciate or digest. My first trilogy of books (The Last Man) will be released in the following months by Incandescent Phoenix Publishing. This story follows a young girl as she travels through seven mystical worlds, each filled with trials that represent an asepct of spiritual enlightenment. My second trilogy is also nearing completion called the War in Heaven in which two parallel dimensions collide, forcing two children to analyze their nature as they strive to figure out where they belong.
4. What do you love the most about dragons?
Impenetrable armor, giant teeth, legendary past, what’s not to love? Most classical monsters tend to fill a predictable role in stories, but I find Dragons are much more dynamic. They could be a savior, or a destroyer; a source of wisdom, or mindless brutality. Their wide role in mythology across different cultures allows for endless variety, both within and between stories.
5. What do you do when you’re not writing? Any day jobs or passion?
I freelance commercial writing to supplement my fantasy stories and novels. Before becoming an author I worked in neuroscience research and currently host a biology show for educational media. I am also involved in a variety of scriptwriting projects.
6. What’s your favorite book or TV show? Why?
My favorite book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I find that people have certain values or moral codes that they try to live by, but there is inevitably a gap between their philosophy and their actions. Ayn Rand’s characters live in such a way that there is no separation. They are perfect embodiments of their values, and the way that they are written inspire me to strive to live likewise.

7. Where can we find more of your work? hosts many of my short stories, links to my books, blog, and upcoming projects. I’m also active on Facebook and Twitter.




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