Wrapping up the interviews

Claudie Arseneault/ October 17, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

So here we are. About two months have passed since I started posting interviews for Wings of Renewal. Almost every author in the anthology accepted to answer our questions, which was absolutely thrilling.

I wanted to take this short moment to thank them. We’re a tiny week away from launch, and one thing that has been constantly true since the end of August is how interactive and fun all our authors have been to work with. So. Thank you. So. Much. You all make marketing so much fun, haha!

Second. While our interviews here were going, I gave a really in-depth one with eco-fiction. There’s a lot about solarpunk in it, about what it can do as a genre, how it compares to the other –punk genres, and also some stories of how this anthology came to be and how it evolved over time. So definitely go read that!

And finally, because I can’t quite repeat this often enough, Wings of Renewal is available for preoders on Kobo, Nook, and iBooks. You can also add it on Goodreads!

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