It’s Can*Con Weekend!

Claudie Arseneault/ October 29, 2015/ Community, Personal, Varia/ 0 comments

This weekend is a big first for me. I will be heading out to Ottawa with a pile of my books, awesome buttons, and a LOT of stress.

Henry and his noodlesAndealSeraphinand more of the crew!

First because, well, I might have attended enough conventions to have an idea what they look like, but I sure never had my own table, selling my own books. In person. I keep thinking I am going to forget something major, or look totally out of place or something. Even though, you know, that’s what conventions are for.

Not all the stress is bad, though. I’m also incredibly excited. The program is awesome, and I feel like it’s the first time I attend a convention as an equal. As in, I’m going to meet my peers, others in my field. You’d think this wouldn’t be new, not after three immunology conventions, but … writing is what I really do, and I feel a lot more confident about these panels and the table than I ever did with science.

So, I think it’s going to be fun. I’m nervous, but rather optimistic about it. Hopefully I can hook some more folks into solarpunk, too!

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