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So we’ve talked a lot about how 2015 went writing-wise, and some lessons I learned from it. But as always, I like to plan ahead, especially when writing is concerned. 2016 is no exception.

It’s hard to know how much time I can put on everything with the new job, but here are my goals.

Isandor (City of Spires)

From January to June, I want to be revising the trilogy. This means January-February on Isandor1, March-April on Isandor2, and May-June on Isandor3 (this one needs a complete rewrite).

Once these are done, I will focus on publishing Isandor1. This means line and copy edits, cover, formatting, marketing and learning the ropes of self-publishing. I honestly don’t know how long that can take me. I’m giving myself permission to take all summer, because I know I’ll have two other writing-related things going meanwhile. If it takes less, all the better! More time to market. But the ultimate goal is to publish Isandor1 in September 2016.

The Blades of Begnion

I’m writing fan fiction. I’ve always been super supportive of it, even though I never wrote nor read any, but this time I couldn’t resist. Because, hear this out, it’s interactive fan fiction.

Fans of the Fire Emblem series will recognize “Begnion” as country in FE9 and 10 (Path of Radiance / Radiant Dawn). So yeah, I have a story in that setting, featuring a bunch of LGBT+ OCs! And readers will get to vote on which characters to bring (and thus, which relationships to develop) and which tactics to use in battle!

I’ve been meaning to play with interactive narration for a while. I love the idea of readers being involved in the story — kind of like those video games where your choices influence the outcome!

My goal is to put out content every week and to launch in January!

Summer Projects

I mentioned special summer projects didn’t I? The first is writing ahead for another super secret collaborative project with some of the greatest writers I know. 😀

The second is perhaps even cooler. Hard to tell. I’m going to be a judge for a solarpunk short story contest! Details will come in March, but you can check out the tease right now!


Needless to say, I will have another busy year. But a busy 2015 brought me incredible friends and experiences, and I’m eager to jump into the next year!

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