Appreciate a Dragon Day

Claudie Arseneault/ January 16, 2016/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

You know what day it is today?

Yes, yes I know it’s Saturday January 16th. Yes, I know I kind of gave the answer in the title. I’m nice like that.

It’s Appreciate a Dragon Day!

So I thought it’d be nice to make some cool announcements regarding my much beloved solarpunk dragon anthology, Wings of Renewal. I mean, we’ve got solar powered dragons, dragons who irrigate dry planets into flourishing oasis, mechanical dragons taking care of plants, dragonships flying through space, and so much more. How do you not appreciate that?

So this post is a rundown of what we’re doing to underscore our awesome anthology, and how freaking cool dragons are!


You can check out this post for more details, but here’s the short version: we’re giving away four copies of Wings of Renewal.

On Twitter: one paperback (with bookmark!) and one electronic copy.

On Tumblr: one paperback (with bookmark!) and one electronic copy.

This is an international giveaway. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll have it shipped to you! Reblog this post to participate on tumblr, and this tweet to participate on twitter!


The entire adventure that was Wings of Renewal started with a single short story, which doesn’t even feature in the anthology! Curious about it? You can get it for free now!

The details (and a bit of story around it) are right here in this post, but here’s once more the short version: if you appreciate our dragons (AKA leave a review, even bad ones), we send you the story!


You know those fun memes with a bunch of questions you can ask that get passed around tumblr? Here’s one, themed around dragons in honor of Wings of Renewal! Reblog and ask away!

You can also keep an eye on IPB’s twitter or #AppreciateADragonDay. We’ll be asking the questions throughout the day!

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