Blades of Begnion, an interactive Fire Emblem fan fiction

Claudie Arseneault/ January 19, 2016/ Blade of Begnion/ 0 comments

banner_logoVryn the Unlucky. A village nickname Vryn had never put much stock in, untiltheir mercenary group was wiped out. Now the last of the Blades ofBegnion, Vryn wanders around the countryside, juggling with their guilt—until their path crosses Nyssa’s, a raven tactician in great need of abodyguard. The dark tidings she must bring to King Kilvas could change thefate of Tellius forever, but powerful enemies are on their tails, and Vryn istheir last line of defense.


Behold: my newest project!

This is … an experiment. I’ve always loved the idea of interactive fiction, where the reader has an influence on the storyline. This is without a doubt one of the greatest advantages of video game storytelling (you’re very much part of the story) and why Choose Your Own Adventure novels worked so great.

So I combined my desire to try it out myself with my favorite video game series, and out came Blades of Begnion.

Every chapter, readers will get to vote on various decisions the characters can take, along with what characters interact with one another (so if you’re a big shipper, this is for you!). While I have a certain storyline planned, these decisions will affect who’s involved, just as you choose your team in the original game. And while I try to emulate the game’s feel as much as I can, there’s no need to have played Fire Emblem to enjoy the story!

Want to learn more? Head over to the story’s site, where you can start reading or check out the characters’ portraits, all made by the fantastic Laya Rose. You can also follow the story from Wattpad, but voting and character profiles will always be on the site, so make sure to visit!


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