The Dive – An Exclusive Jaeger/Diel Isandor Short Story

Claudie Arseneault/ February 8, 2017/ Books, City of Spires, Publication, Writing/ 0 comments

It feels like these days, my blog is full of cool announcements. That’s good, it’s how I like it!

So what is today’s? Simple: I have written a bonus short story to go along with City of Strife, featuring the two very gay elves at the heart of House Dathirii. More specifically, how they (Diel and Jaeger) met and fell in love some hundred thirty years before the novel’s events. If you want sappy and adorable, I’ve got your back (and I don’t mean the trees).

So how do you get your hands on it? For now, there will be two ways:

  1. Join either my mailing list or the Kraken Collective‘s before February 12, 2017, 6:00 pm EST and you’ll receive a link to it. It will come with exclusive art! Seriously, amazingly cute art by Laya Rose. Don’t miss out!8:00
  2. Buy the paperback! The short story will be included at the end of the paperback, but not the electronic versions. So if you get a paper copy, you get a bonus story!

This will eventually join an anthology of stories about the beginnings of Isandor–stories covering the before the events of the first trilogy, but not until I have enough to bundle them together. So if you can’t wait, you know what to do!


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