Vacations in the Sky!

Ten days ago I announced I would be taking a blog vacation*, to go along with my actual vacations from work. I love you guys, but I believe this is a great time to take a real break for my brain. I’ll try and keep up with the blogs, will certainly keep an eye on my e-mails, and might throw an extra post here and there, but I make no promises.

These are my vacations. I intend to do as I damn please with them! Enjoy these three visual clues of what that implies:

Morning inspiration - tommorrow #mostreet

Creative Commons License photo credit: maxymedia

Yeah, I’m taking off with the whole house.
For real. Real real real! Weeeeee.

Fun times ahead. I will, of course, bring a notebook to the balloon flight and harass the pilot with every single question I can think of. Who wouldn’t want to do research when it promises to be so fun?

Oh, and I have a little something special in the works again. You’ll hear more of it when I return. Secrets!

Enjoy your summer. See you around the interwebs!

*Wicked & Tricksy is excluded in blog vacation. I’ll still post on Thursdays. We have a blogfest coming, after all!


  1. Ooh, hot air balloons! That will be so fun! Personally I would be half way freaked that I'd fall to my death but the other half would be excited and exhilarated.Hope you have fun!

  2. This could be a lot better. I could move away *with* the hot air balloon. Kinda like in Up! ;)But no, really, I plan to enjoy myself quite a bit. Thanks for the good wishes!

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