The Major and the New Writing Strategy

Claudie Arseneault/ December 23, 2011/ Editing, Personal, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 3 comments

Great news! Though you might’ve heard, because I’ve been posting it everywhere on the internet except here.

I have completed my Biochemistry Major! Hurray! *confettis*

I thought I’d feel way more accomplished than this, but this instead feels like the first big step of a not-yet-finished road. Still, proud to scratch that from my Life To-Do List!

Meanwhile, I’ve also decided to change my approach to writing. Since I approach the last -ish version of my WIP, I slowed down my pace. I’m rewriting about half of it anyway, incorporating more world details and cutting the extra fat, but this time I’m allowing no adverbs, repetitions or to be forms (well, or nearly) to get through.

I’m mixing my teacher’s technique with my own: in the complete rewrites section, I look once at my previous draft and notes, then close it. Rewrite without looking. This is painful, and slow, but the result is much better than just correcting the sentences there. Other sections of Draft 4 are strong, though, so I work from the text there (and edit half of it anyway) without breaking the order and flow of the thoughts.

So far so good. It’s slow but I feel I am forcing myself to learn to do better first drafts, faster. Perhaps with years of this kind of training, I’ll achieve reasonable speed and quality. I hope so, because right now I’m losing a lot of time in structural rewrites, and then a lot of time in scene editing. I want at least 30 new pages by the time my school vacations are done. If I can help it, I’ll get 50. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I wish you guys epic holidays, plenty of great food and priceless gifts. Have fun, and don’t get sick!



  1. Congrats on finishing your degree, Claudie. I remember that feeling of completion mixed with the ‘why doesn’t this seem a bigger deal?” question in the back of your mind. Maybe it’s because, besides our parents, nobody really cares 🙂 Nevertheless, it IS a big deal. Again…Congrats!

    Cheers — Larry

    1. Thank you, Larry! 🙂 Enjoy your holidays, and see you in 20121

  2. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment! And good luck with all your goals.

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