Upcoming Short in Vitality Issue #1

Claudie Arseneault/ February 12, 2015/ Characters, Community, Personal, Publication, Writing/ 0 comments

Hey everyone!

I’m really excited about Viral Airwaves‘ launch yesterday. I had a great time eating instant noodles and taking pictures of myself in this very dignified activity.

But I have more great news! My short story, The Best Day, has been selected by Vitality to be a part of the first Issue! Vitality is a LGBT+ magazine dedicated to publishing entertaining fiction featuring LBGT+ characters. Or, in their own words:

Vitality seeks to be an escape for the reader. A safe place full of wonder and awesome where the reader can see characters like themselves doing things like battling dragons, solving crimes, acting in a circus, or traveling the world. All genres and styles can be found in Vitality. The only limit is your imagination.

You can pre-order the digital (5$) or print (10$) copy on their website right now. And if you wanted to check out what they have, you could also download their free minizine!

I’m very proud to be a part of the first issue. I have worked hard throughout the last two years to make my writing ever more inclusive. The protagonist of this piece is a character I’ve had with me for a long time, one of my first LGBT+ character and an all time favorite. It feels fitting for him to be among my first publication. (And I love him. Did I mention that I love Varden? Coincidentally, he is part of the novel I am working on right now).

So very excited for this release, and I’ll be looking forward to having a paper copy in my hand!!

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