How to Care For Your Indie Writer

Claudie Arseneault/ March 11, 2015/ Community, Publication, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 0 comments

So I’ve received a lot of questions from people wondering what they could do to help me out. I’m going to try and keep this short. It really isn’t that complicated.

1) Buy the book

Obviously, it helps. Not just because you just gave me money, but also because it makes the sales go up. It also really helps with #2 and #3. So if you can afford to and my silly, heart-wrenching sci-fi is something vaguely interesting to you, you should definitely buy the book.

2) Talk about it. 

Word of Mouth is pretty much the only marketing I get, but it works. Talk about to book to colleagues and friends, especially those you know enjoy science fiction and fantasy. It helps if you read it, of course, but even if not. They might. So talk about it person, or on facebook and twitter and any other social media you know about. Every like, comment and share helps. The only way I’ll get new readers is if you mention the book to people I don’t know at all.

3) Reviews. 

This one matters a lot, too. Review the book on (I say .com because these will show on the canadian site, while the reviews won’t show on the US one, so if you want to drop a review, it’s best to go to the US site) or Kobo or wherever you bought it. This not only gives future possible readers an idea of what to expect, but it gives the book something called “social proof”, which is another word for the mystery of Amazon’s algorithms. In the long run we know it helps my chances to be showcased to strangers, and just my rank in general. So reviews are always welcome! They help spreading the word, and I just love the feedback. 🙂

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