New Release – The White Renegade

Claudie Arseneault/ March 15, 2015/ Books, Projects, Publication, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 0 comments

My novella is out, everyone!

Free awesome queer sci-fi (kinda) adventures for everyone!

I mentioned The White Renegade a bit last week, but since preorders never show up as free on Amazon, and Kobo was being difficult, I kinda let it drop for a while. But it’s here! Today is the launch!


Between bisexuality and albinism, Seraphin always felt like an outsider in his own town. He finally finds companionship in Alex, a genderless teenager who interns over summer. With them, he learns to trust himself and his instincts. It leads Seraphin to leave his town and join the army invading his country, but when his squad is ordered to raid his hometown, Seraphin finds his new life may come at the price of his old.

Why is this totally an awesome read and you should check it out, by a totally biased author.

  1. It’s short. This novella is ~20k word (60 pages), which can take you about two hours to read. It’s a fun, intense read, which may or may not leave you emotionally scarred.
  2. Bisexual lead. Using the word bisexual. Being a badass.
  3. Agender and aromantic partner. Because the A at the start of Alex’s name isn’t just a coincidence, I guess.
  4. Awesome queer characters supporting each other. Alex and Seraphin are absolute cuties, and both are respectful of each other, and when things get rough they stick together and shit.
  5. Free. No money for books? This one’s free.
  6. You could get Viral Airwaves for free, too. Here’s the thing. If you read The White Renegade, review it on Amazon and Kobo, and send the review link to my publisher, Incandescent Phoenix Book, the next book is on them. Meaning, you can use this novella to check if you like what I read, and if you do, you can more for the price of a review!

I’m super sure there’s more and I can’t think about it. The book’s page on my tiny website has a list of triggers, too, so you can check if it’s safe for you. If you need more info about them, don’t hesitate to ask.

With all of that said, please head on to Amazon or Kobo to download it!

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