DiverSciFi 2016

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Heya peeps!

I have some really exciting news! I will be attending DiverSciFi, a brand new convention to support, promote, and share literature and art that is rich with diversity. But now all literature. DiverSciFi has a very particular focus, which makes me happy: it’s about diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Or in the words of the organizers…

DiverSciFi was born from the minds of three friends who have the same desire to see more diversity in their favorite genre. We combined our love for the arts and the excitement of conventions to create our first annual DiverSciFi Convention!

For us, we believe that representation and Diversity in Scifi/Fantasy can be used as a key element in breaking down barriers and promoting acceptance of all people no matter what race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or assistance you need to live healthfully.

And I’m all about that. Viral Airwaves and The White Renegade already feature several LGBT+ characters, and I’m working on a large high fantasy saga that will bring to life characters from even more diverse backgrounds. This promises to be a really great convention, entirely dedicated to two of the biggest tenants of my writing.

The convention’s first instance will be held in NYC, on Summer 2016, and while that’s more than a year away, I am super excited about it. They just started funding, and I jumped on one of the vendor tables. So New York City, here I come!

So if diversity in the genre fictions is something of importance to you too, you should definitely check them out! Throw money their way or spread the word, depending on what you can do.

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