Short Stories

Here you’ll find the growing list of short stories I have published, and links to buy or read them! Also, despite the French titles, they are all in English.

12-12-2016 Note: “Le carré rouge” is eligible for Hugo, Nebula, and Aurora awards and is perhaps my favourite short I ever wrote. So. You know what to do. 😉 

1. “The Best Day”. Published in Vitality’s Issue 1. Features Varden (from the Isandor series) in his teenage years, finding his first love in shy, chubby Miles.

2. “The Daisy Hunt”. Solarpunk f/f ghost love story published with Solarpunk Press. Find it in digital and audio form online, for free!

3. “One Last Sweet”. Solarpunk dragon story about accompanying an old dragon to their dying grounds in the Antarctic. My contribution to the Wings of Renewal anthology.

4. “Le trotteur”. Sci-fi retelling of a Québec folktale with a Magnetic Skate runner and his ace girlfriend–my contribution to the Circuit & Slippers anthology. Find more about the real Alexis le Trotteur here!

*5. “Le carré rouge”. Québec solarpunk for the win! Follows the eventful life of a Quebec City activist as corporations take control of her province. Free on Solarpunk Press. Made several posts about the background to this: 123

6. “Seida the Fairy-Troll”. Seida is big, buff, and majestic. This lesbian fairy features in Ink & Locket’s WARRIOR anthology, with 11 others LGBT+ YA shorts! Kickstarter ongoing!