The Aromantic and Asexual Speculative Fiction Database

This is the home page of the Aromantic and Asexual Speculative Fiction Database, a spreadsheet you can filter to find ace and aro rep to your liking!

First, a thank you:

Several authors have contributed to this database by giving me the information on their ace and aro characters, saving me a lot of time and making the information contained here much more reliable. Thank you so much for your time–I know how precious it is.

Second, a caveat:

Classification is a great tool to find what you want, but it has its flaws. I had to create broad categories for this, and sometimes a story doesn’t fit neatly into these. “Word used”, for example, can mean anything from the quick use of “asexual” to extensive On page description. And while it’s nice to have an idea of which ship happens with the ace characters, a quick look at the Chameleon Moon series and its network of polyamorous relationships quickly shows the limitations of my column. But I think these tables have the potential to do what I set out to accomplish: allow asexual and aromantic people to find themselves in a wide range of stories. Our narratives are out there, but too often it’s hard to find more than the same handful of well-known (and sometimes not-that-great rep) recommendations.

These tables will let you differentiate characters by the role they play in the story, by their gender, by their aromantic and asexual orientation, and so much more. It’s my hope that one can modulate their search enough to find wonderful works that fill precisely their craving.

Instructions about how to use the Aro and Ace SF Database are contained on its first sheet, so click through the link for those! You can then see the database by using the tabs at its bottom.


If you are an author with an ace spec or aro spec character and want to be added to the list, I have google forms for that! Self-published work is 100 % welcome! Contact me!

I have plans of one day collecting poetry and webcomics too, but at this moment I am keeping the effort to prose.

I am well aware the list is incomplete, or that some lines have blanks. This is by no means a finished product, nor will it ever be. I do hope it remains reliable, and to that end all information entered is either given directly by authors, or inputted by myself after I read a story.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there are problems with it or accessibility issues! I’ll do my best to fix it.