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Six Thousand Feet in the Air

Claudie Arseneault/ July 20, 2011/ Personal, Science/ 6 comments

Chose promise, chose due.  I promised to tell you all about my hot air balloon trip, and this is where it happens. This post is going to be long and full of pictures. You have been warned! My first flight plan was cancelled due to bad weather. You don’t fly if it’s raining, or if the ground is wet. It’d

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Vacations in the Sky!

Claudie Arseneault/ June 24, 2011/ Inspiration and Ideas, Personal/ 7 comments

Ten days ago I announced I would be taking a blog vacation*, to go along with my actual vacations from work. I love you guys, but I believe this is a great time to take a real break for my brain. I’ll try and keep up with the blogs, will certainly keep an eye on my e-mails, and might throw

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