~ Maniel and Andeal, Kissing on a Mountain ~

When I landed an interview for my job, I promised myself I’d commission more art from Laya if I had the position. And I did! (It’s going great, by the way. The place and the people are lovely, though I do come home exhausted). Laya, who did the Halfies Trio art, has provided me with another […]

Wrapping up the interviews

So here we are. About two months have passed since I started posting interviews for Wings of Renewal. Almost every author in the anthology accepted to answer our questions, which was absolutely thrilling. I wanted to take this short moment to thank them. We’re a tiny week away from launch, and one thing that has […]

Interview with C. B. Carr

Our last Wings of Renewal interview is here. It is, ironically, with the author of  Summer Project, the very first short story featured in the anthology! So settle down while we count the last ten days (EEP!) before launch, and read what she has to say about her wonderful story. 1. What inspired your short story? […]

Interview with Marianne L. D. Drolet

We’re back for more Wings of Renewal interview! Before we move on to our seven good ol’ questions, just a reminder than you can now preorder on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks or add the anthology on goodreads! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? My original idea was marginally different. It came mainly […]

Interview with Caitlin Nicoll

We come back to friends! Or at least, friends-prior-to-the-anthology, because our writers are so cool, I’d be honored to call them all friends. ^^ I met Caitlin the same way I met my co-editor, Brenda, through writerly forums. We even went to hike Mt. Adams together last year! So I’m super happy to host her […]

Interview with Kimberly Kay & Ashley Gephart

Two for the price of one, I kid you not! Kimberly and Ashley co-wrote one of Wings of Renewal‘s short stories, Solarium, so we interviewed them together. And their answers are fun! So here we go! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? Kimberly: The idea, as you might expect, was a […]

Interview with Caroline Bigaiski

And we’re back from our two Editor’s Weeks with the last of our interviews! Certainly not the least, however. Today we get a from the exquisite storyteller that is Caroline Bigaiski. On with the questions! 🙂   1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? As soon as I read the words Dragon […]