Editor Interview with Brenda J. Pierson

Back for our second week dedicated to editing Wings of Renewal. This one, though, we’re returning to interviews — only it’s Brenda’s and mine. We both have a story in the anthology, too, so we wanted to answer the questions, with a bonus one about the editing! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the […]

Wings of Renewal Schedule Update

A new week has arrived! But we’re changing our schedule, and taking a small break from our authors. I wanted to take the time to talk about my experiences editing the anthology, so that’ll be the theme for the next two weeks! Coming this week in blog posts: 1) The Call for Submission and Choosing Stories […]

Interview with Jeanne LG

You know what this anthology also has, in addition to a bunch of cool LGBT+ writers? Two of my French Canadian friends, who nevertheless wrote fantastic short stories and captured our hearts. And Jeanne is one of them! So I’m super excited to have her here today–she totally deserves the honor. 🙂 1. What inspired your […]

Interview with Megan Reynolds

When we put out our call for submission for Wings of Renewal, I was really hoping we’d get not only stories featuring a lot of diversity, but also writers from marginalized group. And we did! (YAY!) Megan isn’t the only one (loving all the queer women on our crew!), but her interview touches on why these […]

Interview with Danny Mitchell

Friday has rolled back around, but I’m not out of interviews at all (far from it!). Today’s great answers come from a veteran of solarpunk, Danny Mitchell. Thanks for taking the time to answer! 🙂 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? The inspiration actually came from a response I […]

Interview with J. Lee Ellorris

Another interview! I bet you’re surprised. Today we talk with Jesse, who submitted a lovely story with two old dragons in love. This anthology wasn’t the first time I worked with Jesse, but the roles are usually reversed! Her magazine, Vitality, published my short story in their first issue. And now, on with the questions! 1. […]

Interview with Gemini Pond

From Maura and her marvelous painting-inspiration, we move to Gemini Pond’s desert story, and the unshakable ambiance of pride. We hope she has just as much pride in her work than her characters’ do in theirs. And now, the questions! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? It was actually sort […]