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Interview with Maura Lydon

Claudie Arseneault/ September 2, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

More interviews! I swear, I’m not about to run out. Today we have Maura Lydon on the blog, who in addition to having really cute hair studies Environmental Science, and has a twin sister! Which is kind of irrelevant, except that me too! *twins high five to Maura* But on with it! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the

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Interview with Tobias Wade

Claudie Arseneault/ August 31, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

We’re back with another interview! Tobias’ story is the first submission we received for the anthology, and much of a solarpunk genesis, which we found super interesting! So here he is today to tell us more! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? I love the concept of an idea being greater than the one who conceives

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Interview with Mindi Briar

Claudie Arseneault/ August 28, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 0 comments

Today’s interview is with Mindi Briar, and I’ll be honest, reading some of these answers made me very hyped. The world behind her story, Refuge, is incredibly original and fascinating, and we’re thrilled to have her in the anthology. So thanks for answer the question, Mindi, and onward with them!   1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? Prince,

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Interview with Diane Dubas

Claudie Arseneault/ August 26, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 3 comments

Hey! Today we’re hosting Diane Dubas, a fellow Canadian writer, from Ontario. Diane’s story, The Witch’s Son, captured our imagination with its beautiful prose. I’m super happy to have her on the blog today, so thanks for answering the questions! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? I was really enamoured with the idea of a

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Interview with Lyssa Chiavari

Claudie Arseneault/ August 24, 2015/ Community, Wings of Renewal/ 1 comments

Today we start our interview series with a good friend of mine, Lyssa Chiavari! I met Lyssa through twitter, and we both blog on the Pack of Aces together. Needless to say, when we received the absolutely gorgeous story she sent, we were thrilled! It’s so good. So, thanks for answering our questions, Lyssa, and onto the interview! 1. What

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Ignite the Shadows — AMOI Book Review

Claudie Arseneault/ July 22, 2015/ Blogfest and Awards, Books, Community/ 1 comments

  Okay, gather round my friends, because I need to share one little gem of a book. IGNITE THE SHADOWS wasn’t a book I had planned to read. I signed up for it to participate in A Month of Indies, a great blogfest honoring indie authors over at creatyvebooks. Life has a way of handing out great surprises, though, and this

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The Pack of Aces launches on June 1st!

Claudie Arseneault/ May 27, 2015/ Community, Personal, Varia/ 0 comments

Hey everyone! I’ve got something really cool coming up this June. I will be joining four other asexual writers on a common blog, all dedicated to asexuality, writing, and genre fiction. And on how they interact with one another. Our first month is mostly for introductions, and I’ll be first to go. Please come and check us out!

DiverSciFi 2016

Claudie Arseneault/ May 8, 2015/ Community, Personal, Publication, Writing/ 0 comments

Heya peeps! I have some really exciting news! I will be attending DiverSciFi, a brand new convention to support, promote, and share literature and art that is rich with diversity. But now all literature. DiverSciFi has a very particular focus, which makes me happy: it’s about diversity in Science Fiction and Fantasy. Or in the words of the organizers… DiverSciFi was born

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How to Care For Your Indie Writer

Claudie Arseneault/ March 11, 2015/ Community, Publication, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 0 comments

So I’ve received a lot of questions from people wondering what they could do to help me out. I’m going to try and keep this short. It really isn’t that complicated. 1) Buy the book Obviously, it helps. Not just because you just gave me money, but also because it makes the sales go up. It also really helps with

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Interview on Asexual Artist

Claudie Arseneault/ February 13, 2015/ Community, Personal, Publication, Varia/ 0 comments

Hey everyone! Just a quick word to let you know you ought to check out Asexual Artist. They’re a blog dedicated on showcasing artists (whether they write, or draw, or play music or anything) that identify as Asexual, and I had an interview up today! Makes me feel like a real professional to be answering questions like these. Go take

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