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#KrakenSales2018 Interview with Austin Chant!

Claudie Arseneault/ January 27, 2018/ Books, Community/ 0 comments

My small indie collective of amazing queer SFF writers has put together an awesome Sales/Party to celebrate its first anniversary! From January 26th to February 1st, 19 indie authors have put their awesome stories with queer heroes on sale. And what’s more, we put together a personality quiz to let you see which of our queer heroes you are! You

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Five Asexual Protagonists by Actual Ace Writers

Claudie Arseneault/ December 28, 2016/ Books, Characters, Community, Writing/ 0 comments

Let’s have a party. Today Tor reposted their April list of asexual protagonists, which not only doesn’t recommend books by ace authors, but actually sets forth pretty shitty rep. And to add insult to injury, they paraphrase Lauren Jankowski, an indie aro-ace artist that is very vocal and supportive of the community and its self-publishers as she states that several

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Ignite the Shadows — AMOI Book Review

Claudie Arseneault/ July 22, 2015/ Blogfest and Awards, Books, Community/ 1 comments

  Okay, gather round my friends, because I need to share one little gem of a book. IGNITE THE SHADOWS wasn’t a book I had planned to read. I signed up for it to participate in A Month of Indies, a great blogfest honoring indie authors over at creatyvebooks.┬áLife has a way of handing out great surprises, though, and this

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New Site, New Book

Claudie Arseneault/ January 29, 2015/ Books, Personal, Projects, Varia, Viral Airwaves, Writing/ 0 comments

Hey everyone! It’s been forever since I last came here, but it is time to (kind of) resurrect this site! Mostly because I want a stable deposit of information on my novels, and infrequent news. I might occasionally talk about the writing process again, but not promises. Mostly, if you want more, you should consider following either on tumblr or

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