Interview with Tiffany Rose, (Co)Author of HELLO WORLD

February seems a good month to host asexual authors, so why not one more? Tiffany Rose’s first novel releases one day before City of Strife, and we figured we’d exchange some cool questions! First, though, here’s a quick peek at Tiffany’s book in case you haven’t run into it yet! Scott’s skills as a surveillance expert […]

Interview with C. B. Carr

Our last Wings of Renewal interview is here. It is, ironically, with the author of  Summer Project, the very first short story featured in the anthology! So settle down while we count the last ten days (EEP!) before launch, and read what she has to say about her wonderful story. 1. What inspired your short story? […]

Interview with Marianne L. D. Drolet

We’re back for more Wings of Renewal interview! Before we move on to our seven good ol’ questions, just a reminder than you can now preorder on Nook, Kobo, and iBooks or add the anthology on goodreads! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? My original idea was marginally different. It came mainly […]

Interview with Caroline Bigaiski

And we’re back from our two Editor’s Weeks with the last of our interviews! Certainly not the least, however. Today we get a from the exquisite storyteller that is Caroline Bigaiski. On with the questions! 🙂   1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? As soon as I read the words Dragon […]

Editor Interview with Brenda J. Pierson

Back for our second week dedicated to editing Wings of Renewal. This one, though, we’re returning to interviews — only it’s Brenda’s and mine. We both have a story in the anthology, too, so we wanted to answer the questions, with a bonus one about the editing! 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the […]

Interview with Jeanne LG

You know what this anthology also has, in addition to a bunch of cool LGBT+ writers? Two of my French Canadian friends, who nevertheless wrote fantastic short stories and captured our hearts. And Jeanne is one of them! So I’m super excited to have her here today–she totally deserves the honor. 🙂 1. What inspired your […]

Interview with Megan Reynolds

When we put out our call for submission for Wings of Renewal, I was really hoping we’d get not only stories featuring a lot of diversity, but also writers from marginalized group. And we did! (YAY!) Megan isn’t the only one (loving all the queer women on our crew!), but her interview touches on why these […]

Interview with Danny Mitchell

Friday has rolled back around, but I’m not out of interviews at all (far from it!). Today’s great answers come from a veteran of solarpunk, Danny Mitchell. Thanks for taking the time to answer! 🙂 1. What inspired your short story? Where did the idea come from? The inspiration actually came from a response I […]