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A Tiny Indie Editor’s Guide To Writing Call for Submissions

Claudie Arseneault/ March 20, 2017/ Books, Projects, Publication, Wings of Renewal, Writing/ 0 comments

I strongly believe that being indie is no excuse for not running an overall smooth show. Sure, you’ll run into hurdles. Everyone has unexpected issues. But if you mean to publish other writers, it is your responsability to gather as much information as you can before launching into your project. Know the business, even if you never ran it yourself.

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La crise d’octobre

Claudie Arseneault/ November 5, 2016/ Inspiration and Ideas, Personal, Projects, Varia, Writing/ 0 comments

On November 7, I have a new short story released from Solarpunk Press, Le carré rouge, which is a very personal take on Québec and solarpunk, and how the two might entwined. The short draws upon many elements specific to the province’s history and my own activism, and I wanted to talk more about these. La crise d’Octobre And now we

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Alexis le Trotteur – The Legend, the Real Man, the Retelling

Claudie Arseneault/ September 18, 2016/ Inspiration and Ideas, Personal, Writing/ 0 comments

Time to talk about one of my favourite thing in the world: Québec folklore!! At the end of this month, Circuits & Slippers comes out. It’s an anthology of science-fiction fairy tales retellings, and I have a short story in it! But because you cannot say “fairy tale” without me hearing “local legend”, mine is absolutely about Québec. I ran into

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