Double Cover Reveal Goodness!

October 11th is National Coming Out Day in the States, but apparently this year it’s also Cover Reveal Time! At least in my circle of Awesome Writer friends. ^^ So today, you have a two-for-one cover reveal. 😀

New World by Lyssa Chiavari

The second book of the Iamos trilogy is coming sooon. And it has this absolutely amazing cover by Najla Qamber Designs, with photos from Mosaic Stock.

Fourth World, the first book in this trilogy, was the first ace rep book I read back in 2015, and it went straight to my heart. I love love love Nadin, and it means a lot to me to get the rest of their story soon. Ish. Early 2018! From Snowy Wings Publishing. Anyway, here we go!

MARS, 2075 C.E.
Isaak has returned from Iamos, but life hasn’t exactly gone back to normal. In what felt like a month to him, two years passed in the world he left behind—and now that he’s home, he’s not sure if he knows what home is anymore. Mars has become a world of riots and police states, with GSAF doing everything in their power to clamp down on the burgeoning rebellion started by Isaak’s once-best friend, Henry Sandhu. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that maybe coming back to Mars wasn’t such a good idea. But unless they can find a way to get to the time postern—currently guarded by heavily-armed GSAF agents—Isaak is stuck in the future… and so is Nadin.

Nadin thought that the future would hold her answers, but everything changed the moment they passed through the door. All she wants now is to return to Iamos and make sure that her partner, Ceilos, is safe. But once her identity as a native Martian gets out, she finds herself caught in a political struggle she doesn’t understand, with both factions trying to win her over to their side. And when GSAF learns that Nadin holds the key to deciphering the mysterious System, they’ll stop at nothing to keep her on Mars—permanently.

Add New World to your to-read list on Goodreads! Or check out Lyssa’s website!

Stake Sauce Arc 1: The Secret Ingredient is Love. No, Really   by RoAnna Sylver

The second cover reveal is by another author I adore!! And this is a book I edited, too. I love to edit RoAnna, it’s just pure bliss. Makes me remember why developmental edits are so cool. Aaanyway. Stake Sauce is an ongoing serial you can get through Patreon, with punk vampires and my all time favourite disabled mall cop, Jude, who chose his name after the patron saint of lost causes the nerd.

Listen. I love Jude, and I love this book. This is RoAnna’s first (wide) release with The Kraken Collective, of which I am a part, and which publishes tons of great queer SFF. It’s a fun, creepy, and dark-but-hopeful serial about queer punk vampires and the humans who love them. You can already preorder it, which I super highly recommend!

But hum. Maybe after you’ve seen the cover, drawn by RoAnna in reference to this classic Dracula cover. ^^ Fitting, considering Stake Sauce releases on October 31st! And now, cover time! 🙂

Happy cover reveal day, and I hope you enjoyed! 😀

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